Easy methods to record streaming videos with Wondershare AllMytube


How many times have you wanted to save an online video therefore you could possibly enjoy it back whenever you like?

Whilst the basics of recording YouTube and also other videos have existed for a long time, there are tricks to having the videos you would like into a file format you can use. The tricks are not limited to YouTube. If you can get the correct tools, you possibly can get almost any streaming videos and keep them in different formats. You can also get Games and play them when off-line.

We would suggest Wondershare AllMyTube, it really is a effortless record application for streaming videos which includes YouTube, Vimeo, and VEVO for off-line access or play on your mobiles. Here we will offer you a quite cheap price, just get the below coupon code.

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Step by step download streaming videos

Step 1. Choose the video you prefer to record

Launch Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome and open your desired videos. Perform the videos. Alternatively, you can utilize AllMyTube's built-in browser in the "Online Video" window to access the websites you need and download videos after that.

Step 2.Two approaches to download the videos

1) Click the "Download" tab which will seem upon page load on the right part of the video.

2) Or just copy the URL of each videos and press the " Paste URL" tab in AllMyTube's "Downloading" screen.

Fairly easy, right? More great is it is easy to download more than one video all at a time in batch. By default, up to five videos can be downloaded at one time (when adapting settings, the maximum is 10 ). Feel free to download and play videos whenever you like.

Once the file transfer is done, you could play the downloaded videos immediately on your Apple or Android mobiles.

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